Grafana data exporter

Exporting data from Grafana dashboard

We, at CorpGlory, made a tool called Grafana-data-exporter. Which can:

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The tool is based upon @corpglory/tsdb-kit (also created by CorpGlory team), which provides a unified interface and the same output format for each datasource, such as field order and time units.

Imagine you have a Grafana dashboard with a nice metric and a query for it. If you want to use the same data that you receive via this query in any other case (import to another database, plot a new graph in any other tool, make a custom model for Hastic , etc.) - the simplest way would be to export your data to a .csv file. You can do it using a standard exporting tool, but on massive datasets, the dashboard can get overloaded. Standard exporting tool only can be used in Graph and Table panels < Grafana 7 version.

Currently supported datasources:

We work on expanding this list. If you would like us to support any particular datasource - please let us know at

The tool consists of 2 parts (click on the links to visit GitHub wiki pages):

Video demo

How it all started

The project started with a request from Andrew Eberbach from Ebertech. He wanted a tool for exporting data from InfluxDB in the background, after delivery we extended the support to other datasources and made @corpglory/tsdb-kit.

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