CorpGlory provides full-stack development and consulting services for monitoring and data visualization. All our visualizations and analysis already applied in telecommunications, energetics, security, finance, and many more industrial fields. Our team has a solid background in computer science and worked with very diverse teams: from startups to enterprises.

Monitoring and Grafana consulting

Solving complex monitoring tasks based on Grafana, popular time series databases, and our open-source software. We have years of experience in developing and supporting customers' applications for Grafana: custom datasources and visualizations.

Techs: Grafana/Hastic; InfluxDB/Prometheus

Data visualization / Front-end Software Development

Developing interactive data visualization software and tools, dashboards, business intelligence, and GIS.

Techs: D3.js/Vue.JS; TypeScript

Back-end Software Development

Building web-services: from MVC for Startup to real-time stream processing for enterprise.

Techs: Node.js/TypeScript/Nuxt; Python3/asyncio; MongoDB/PostgreSQL; Docker