Data Visualization and Analysis. Monitoring. Open source software.

Combining world-class expertise in software development, monitoring and computer graphics we make products and solutions for real life business.


On-premise time-series analysis tool for identifying patterns and anomalies.


Lightweight open source library based on reusable components for Grafana and Vue.js.

Originally founded as a game development studio, CorpGlory makes today data visualization and analytics software.

Our works have been presented in Portland and Amsterdam, later have been adopted by different fields of business and engineering.


Our products are used all over the world in some of the best-known companies.

Grafana Kentik Megaport Moogsoft
Grafana data exporter

Grafana progress list plugin

CorpGlory development team has a long history developing plugins for Grafana In 2017, we developed a plugin called grafana-progress-list. Our plugin helps to show large sorted lists of bars and make a calculation of total values on a current time range and color scheme


Our team has a solid background in computer science and worked with very diverse teams: from startups to enterprises.

Data Visualization and Analysis

From business intelligence and data journalism to low-level rendering and computation services. and are the foundation.

Software Engineering

Front-end development or creating low-level microservices. Building MVP fast or apply deep software engineering theory.

Monitoring Solutions

We build complex information systems for analysis, processing, storing and visualizing metrics. Integrate and tailor it for your infrastructure.